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How to utilize virtual assistants to build a call center, increase leads and drive revenue growth

Most cold calling campaigns consist of simple, repetitive scripts and do not require specific market knowledge which makes them perfect for outsourcing. Cold calling campaigns can be outlined, turned into a process and outsourced to a virtual assistant or multiple virtual assistants at scale.

How to utilize virtual assistants to build a call center, increase leads and drive revenue growth

The Problem

Anyone that has ever cold called for client prospecting knows cold calling requires a lot of time, work, discipline and energy. Why waste your valuable energy getting hung up on and rejected over and over again? The highest and best use of your time is to meet with leads who are already qualified and have a high probability of becoming your client, NOT calling through thousands of leads to qualify them in the first place. Allow a virtual assistant to do the grunt work of repetitive calling and qualifying. Our virtual assistants have years of experience in call centers, are completely comfortable being on the phone, have minimal to no accent and are very personable!

The Solution

You can create an effective cold calling campaign by doing the following:

Develop a business plan:
Why are you calling your leads and what information are you looking to gather once in a conversation with them?
Once you receive the information, what is the next step/action item?
What is your value proposition and what are you offering your leads in return for their time on the phone?
How do you stand out from your competition?

Develop a script and qualifying questions:
Prepare a script with qualifying questions that are simple, to the point and easy to understand from the lead’s perspective.
Create a decision tree diagram and outline every possible objection your leads might have, along with an effective response your virtual assistants can use.
Once the diagram is complete, you will have a map of every possible way the conversation could go and exactly how your virtual assistant will manage the conversation.

Build your lead list:
Build your list of leads and their potential phone numbers to upload to your auto dialer.
The best phone number source on the market is TransUnion TLO. It is difficult to get an account, but if you can pull it off, you will be miles ahead of your competition. If you need help getting an account, please let me know and I can help

Create a funnel:
Once your leads are qualified or disqualified it is time to determine how to follow up with them and when you will do so. Your virtual assistants can track this information for you and even follow up for you.

Since cold calling is a numbers game, the best way to increase your number of leads is to maximize your number of outbound dials per day. Maximizing your number of outbound dials is accomplished by:

Using an auto-dialer such as Mojo Dialer or Call Tools
Auto-dialers will allow your virtual assistant to dial 3-10 phone numbers at the same time. This will increase the number of calls answered, conversations taken place, leads sourced and inevitably money in your pocket!
A single virtual assistant can dial 3000 phone numbers per day!

Putting multiple virtual assistants on the auto-dialer
You can start off with a single virtual assistant on an auto-dialer to help refine your process.
Over time you can scale the size of your call center by adding more virtual assistants.
The size of your target market will determine the maximum amount of virtual assistants that it makes sense to have in your call center.

With a clear business plan, an auto-dialer and three virtual assistants cold calling full time, you can easily dial 3,500+ phone numbers consistently every day. Building an outbound real estate lead call center is the best way to grow your business quickly.

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