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The different ways Virtual Assistants can help you

Don’t think you need a virtual assistant? Think twice. There are a number of different ways virtual assistants can help increase efficiency and productivity of your business. Virtual assistants have been around since the 1980’s, so the concept of hiring someone remote to relieve you from mundane administrative or business operational tasks is not new.

The different ways Virtual Assistants can help you

The Problem

You are juggling too many tasks, don't have any support staff and have limited capital to hire a team.

The Solution

Free your time: as a business owner or manager, you’re being pulled from one side of the business to the other so there’s a chance that you’re ignoring less urgent but essential tasks. Virtual assistants can help you complete these tasks so that you can focus your valuable time and energy on the sensitive work that only you know how to do. Some examples of office tasks that you can outsource include organizing and managing your emails, booking appointments and meetings or calling a full list of phone numbers and taking detailed notes.

The flexibility to scale your business: working with virtual assistants will not only free up your time but will offer you more flexibility in your role. If you need more help during a particular season, virtual assistants are perfect to engage when the demand arises. If in the future there’s a need to cut costs to improve your margins, it will be easier to let go of virtual assistants than permanent ones.

They’re experienced in what they do: more often than not, virtual assistants are doing the same task repeatedly day after day, so they are experts in what they do. Inefficiencies cost businesses between 20 and 30 percent of their revenue each year, don’t let this be your business. These virtual assistants specialize in a particular area and are likely to have valuable experience.

Saves you money - hiring employees is quite costly and time consuming, depending on which state you’re hiring in. Apart from salary and benefits, you will also have to worry about government compliance issues or providing healthcare and dental insurance.

No physical space - virtual assistants are exactly that, virtual, so hiring 1, 2 or an army of them won’t require any modification to your company’s physical footprint since they work remotely.

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